The Technology Of Elections

In Part 1 we focus on "Big Data" and how more information about voters is affecting the campaigns. We start with a clip from with Sandy Pentland, the premiere data scientist at MIT to explain what "Big Data" is. We then air a clip from NPR's "All Tech Considered" where they discuss how smaller church organizations are using data to target people to get out and vote. Finally we air an ad from Aristotle360 because "they know what you need to win."

In Part 2 we start with Xbox Live's Larry Hyrb (aka Major Nelson) and discuss how Xbox is polling a new demographic and what that means for campaigns. Second we talk to Sasha Issenberg whose book, The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns how data is showing that a knock on someone's door is more valuable than a phone call and a phone call with a real volunteer is more valuable than a robocall. We close with a clip from Nationbuilder's Jim Gilliam discussing their Election Center and how they are "freeing the voter file".


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Created by John Perea with NationBuilder