The Go Game: Zombie Disaster Preparedness

We humans love to play games… There is a whole genre of games out there that are dedicated to the post-apocalyptic world, but what about preparation before that?

Disaster Preparedness is not a sexy topic and it’s not usually associated with gaming, but what if there was a way, in real life, to combine the fun of games with the necessity of disaster preparedness.

Enter Fin Kelley, Co-Founder/CEO and Jenny Gottstein a Game Designer for The Go Game! The Go Game! is a technology fueled urban adventure game that is designed to bring people together to explore a city in a way they would not otherwise do. It’s an experiential education of sorts, where you’re out in the real world doing real world things.

The Go Game! wants to help people prepare for disasters and build resilience in communities across the country.

I speak with Finn and Jenny about the creation of the Go Game!, the Zombie Apocalypse Disaster Preparedness Game, and how they hope it will help prepare people for the “big one”... whatever that may be...


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