The CES Smorgasbord

Every year, CES showcases the new, exciting, trending, weird tech and gadgets. And every year, I attempt to run the 100-mile-gauntlet of exhibitors and booth babes to find everything worth discussion, an impossible task. There's no way any one person can see everything at this convection—let alone talk about it on the radio. I want to give a sampling of the future of consumer technology. Consider this show a technological smörgåsbord.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are some of the many things I saw at CES 2015.

This year at the show, the focus (or at least what grabbed my attention) were things that you could wear to either augment or monitor your life. The first stop on this tour de tech was an interview with Yelena Ashberger on the Swarovsky Shine "energy crystal."

Following a dead cell phone battery fiasco saved by the kind people at the TYLT booth, I went to calm myself using the Muse, a brain sensing headband, with a 3-minute relaxation session with Jason George… turns out I am horrible at relaxing..

Continuing the trend of things that you can wear, I visited Annie Shaw at 3D Systems to discuss the future of 3D printing and clothing. Keith Ozar enthusiastically explained to me the new CubePro C's ability to print in gradient color, furthering the aesthetics of 3D printing. I even had an interview with the 3D fashion designer Anouk Wipprechet and had firsthand experience of her Spider Dress—the 3D printed dress aggressively wards off anyone who enters the model's personal space.

Not all 3D printed wearables are solely for fashion or art (or consumable fun like XYZ's cookie dough printer). Samantha Bean at Open Bionics showcased their use of 3D printed hands for amputees and those born without.

In terms of entertainment, I had my go with the new prototype, Crescent Bay, for Oculus that continues to perfect the product. I even had the opportunity to throw on RocketSkates!

Speaking of speed…I had the opportunity to drive the new BMW i8 - BMW’s hybrid sports car and wow - I am still dreaming about it.


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