Sci-Fi to Sci-Fab: Bringing Science Fiction to Inventors

Today we’re talking about the relationship between science and science fiction and how science fiction can not only help inspire scientists to create the future we imagine, but also the moral and ethical implications behind it…

The MIT Media Lab, since its inception in 1985, has encouraged an anti-disciplinary culture with the mixing and matching of ostensibly different research areas.

My guests this week, Sophia Brueckner and Dan Novy (aka Novysan) are two MIT Media Lab researchers who are teaching a new class called, "Science Fiction to Science Fabrication". This course combines the analysis of classic and modern science fiction with the actual physical fabrication or code-based interpretations of the technologies depicted there. Topics cover a broad range of areas from virtual reality, to artificial intelligence, to nanotechnology.

Because we’re talking about science fiction, we will also be hearing from an influential voice from the genre, Ray Bradbury. We will be hearing clips from a speech he gave at the International Colloquium on Mars in December 1973 that is part of the Pacifica Radio Archives.


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