LOSCON: From The Vault To Alpha Centauri B

This week we are speaking with Karl Lembke from the LOSCON, The Los Angeles Science Fiction Convention (with this years guest of honor Vernor Vinge), which is next weekend about the convention (the theme... Zombies vs. Steam Punk) and the value of science fiction.

One of our favorite science fiction series is Foundation by Isaac Asimov and the "Foundations" were secluded havens of all human knowledge. That got us thinking about the Pacifica Archives and their unique collection of over 50,000 reel-to-reel tape masters documenting history, arts, science, and culture since 1949. 

...there's so much value and so much gloriousness in there [Pacifica Archives]... it excites me every single day.

Brittney Gallagher

We then hear a clip from Dr. Michio Kaku about the value of the Pacifica Archives and then we speak with Brian DeShazor about the future of the archives and our commitment to blast them to Alpha Centauri B.

Only here will you hear this kind of commitment... to not only save American History... but also push these voices out to the stars.

Brandon Barney



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