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Isn’t LA Already A Tech Hub?

Is LA The Next Tech Hub? We argue it already is. With Caltech, JPL, Information Sciences Institute, UCLA, USC... to name a few. We air a clip from LA mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti’s keynote speech at Silicon Beach Fest where he discusses his plans to make Los Angeles a technology hub.

... He [Eric Garcetti] mentioned the James Webb Space Telescope, which is going to see back to the big bang, is being built here in LA and you don’t necessarily hear about that. He didn't mention that SpaceX... the first private company to dock with the International Space Station, well that was built here in Hawthorne. So when we talk about LA not being a tech city, you know we are ignoring some of the most high technology... enterprises and companies that have ever been created.

Brandon Barney


The Radical Social Entrepreneurs

We interview Zach Caceres about the importance of 'social technology' in solving the Big Problems of the world! Our discussion covers a recently launched website,, and his vision for a 'long term plan' for developing new progressive societies: the Free Cities Project.

Zach wasn't afraid to answer the tough questions, rallying us to the call of his entrepreneurial revolution while advocating for the colonization of space...

[Radical Social Entrepreneurs] is a community for people who want to start thinking about fixing the big problems of the world by innovating in social technology...

Zach Caceres



The Galactic-Centric View: Planetary Resources

Awhile back we spoke to Peter Diamandis about his book with Steven Kotler, Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think. He and Eric Anderson founded Planetary Resources and are working with a group of Space Veterans, which include NASA Engineers and Astronauts.

We discuss with Douglas Messier, founder of Parabolic Arc, who reports on all the goings on in the space industry about Planetary Resources and his thoughts on its impact for the industry as a whole.

With artificial intelligence, robots, and new materials coming online; the ability of humanity to create the new destiny of where we go is extraordinary.

Peter Diamandis


Who owns these asteroids? This is one issue I haven’t or heard a lot about. I understand the issue of the New World for example, how the Spanish basically came and said, oh, South America… Ours… the gold… Ours…

Brandon Barney


Low Cost, Production Quality Cameras... Made In California

RED Digital Cinema started the trend of lowering the price of motion picture quality cameras. Their cameras are predominately used for 3D film making - films like The Hobbit are shot with RED Cameras. What's most interesting, and why we chose to highlight RED from our NAB trip, is that fact that they are made in California. 

The cameras are built in the United States of America. It's a unique story in that everyone makes the assumption that high-end technology like this has to be build someplace else, and not in the US. It's not all that known - the RedOne cameras were actually build offshore - and we did some assembly and final testing in the US. We decided that we would try and bring all the technology back to the states and see if we could actually do manufacturing in the US and it worked out... 

Ted Schilowitz