Graphene: Holey Graphite

Many folks don’t know this, but Gordon Moore...famous for Moore’s law...was a chemist and Silicon Valley is called Silicon Valley because the computers we use are based on silicon; the advances in computing and networking that have changed the world are fundamentally based on chemical advances.  

This week our guest is Dr. Richard Kaner, he holds a joint appointment in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, as well as the Department of Material Science & Engineering at UCLA. Kaner and his team have done two things. First, they figured out how to efficiently produce graphene using consumer grade DVD equipment  and second, they have figured out how to use the properties of graphene to create a super super-capacitor. We also talk to graduate student Maher El-Qady who helps describe their eureka moment.  Imagine if you could fully charge your cell phone in 30 seconds! 



Below is the video of the Kaner Lab's Process:


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