Don't Criticize: Create, Innovate, and Compete

This week we are talking to Michael Strong, the co-founder of Radical Social Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalism. We define Free Cities and how they create enclaves with higher quality law and governance, how companies will be able to practice creative destruction to prevent monopolies from forming, and how this can be used close to home.  We also discuss what we can do to solve the unemployment crisis and how innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity can do that and the role that "freedom" plays and what it means to "criticize by creating."


I'm encouraging entrepreneurs to take chunks of these complex systems and focus not on conventional metrics and progress, but on quality of life metrics and progress in education, healthcare, transportation, and legal experience.

Michael Strong


One of our natural impulses is to complain, argue, and yell... I worked to change public school and I would spend years creating a new program and after a year I would get a new principal, a new school board member, a new superintendent, and they would dump it, and years of work are wasted. So I went out and started creating new private schools, and by creating new private schools I created these havens where the experience is much better... Almost everything great has been created by people taking initiative to make the world a better place... Criticize by creating for me is, lets create new systems, new projects, new schools, whatever, and help them grow, and nurture them, and some of those will become spectacular.

Michael Strong


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