Celebrating: Community, Humans, Robots, and Space

This week we are talking about two great things happening this month in Los Angeles: the "Humans," a local award winning high school robotics team, and "Yuri's Night," an annual worldwide party to celebrate Yuri Gagarin's first flight into space--as well as to promote peaceful international cooperation in space exploration.

We have in the studio Bryan Smith the Mentor of the "Humans," New Roads School in Santa Monica's FIRST Robotics team. We talk to him about their rookie season, their plans for the future, and we hear from some of the students about what they've learned and what their dream robot would do. Help send the Humans to the World Championships!

We also have Loretta Whitesides, the co-creator of Yuri's Night, a world wide space party that is celebrated every April 12th. We are lucky enough to be in LA where Loretta is hosting a Yuri's Night event here under our newly delivered Space Shuttle Endeavour.


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