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Checking in with OccupyLA

Part 1: We spoke with John who volunteers in the media tent.

Part 2: The Unexpected Music of OccupyLA. First we heard from the music tent, where Jason Zimmerman was on the piano. Second we heard from a quartet of young violinists, Asia, Margueritte, Jacquelyn, and Sophia, who opened the General Assembly. 

    Photo Gallery from Occupy LA

For them I think it's a good way to bring this amazing tent city into perspective - for them to understand what it is in little bits kids can get.

Danette Christine

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Live from Day 1 @ OccupyLA With Heidi Sulzdorf & Protesters

Heidi Sulzdorf helped organize and get OccupyLA off the ground. We spoke with her as well as protesters about the movement, why they're doing it, and what it means to them.

This [Occupy Movement] is a profoundly different look of things, different than anything we have ever seen before.

Heidi Sulzdorf

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to start a protest that was nation-wide - it would take a lot more time. What this [social media] allows, is it shortens the time-span.

Brittney Gallagher

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