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The Venice Art Crawl With Mark Rojas

Mark Rojas is the winner of the Abott-Kinney Spirit Award and the co-founder of the Venice Art Crawl. The Venice Art Crawl is a non-profit organization by and for the people whose goal is to strengthen collaboration within the Venice community. Their events are every third Thursday of the month.

I really think the world is a fantastic place and if people just got together, whether it's over art or politics...

Brandon Barney

Listen to the interview:  



Turning Into Gods: The Edge of Digital Culture

We spoke with Jason Silva, producer at Current TV - whose work has also been featured in Vanity Fair, Fast Company, and the Huffington Post - about his upcoming film, "Turning Into Gods." 

"Turning Into Gods" celebrates this notion that we will not go quietly into the night... Technology might be where man finally can have that catharsis that he has been looking for symbolically and mythologically beforehand. Technology might be the way that man might eventually make himself immortal and solve his existential sort of cosmic tragic comedy condition that he has been in.

Jason Silva

"Turning Into Gods" Concept Trailer:


TURNING INTO GODS - 'Concept Teaser' from jason silva on Vimeo.