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Is The Internet A Human Right? 

Vint Cerf, who is recognized as one of the "Father's of the Internet" wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times, Internet Access Is Not A Human Right, which has caused a bit of a stir, especially since back in June the UN declared internet access to be just that. We spoke with Matt Mora, founder of Causes From The Heart and Mora Media Management, about this very issue. Is the internet a human right, a civil right, or something else entirely?

It's obviously very controversial... Ideologically and philosophically I think it might be more of a civil right... my challenge is that when it becomes a civil right, you leave it susceptible to manipulation by anyone who has influence over it.

Matt Mora


Protect The Economy Using Equilcurrency

We spoke with Max Funk from Protect The Economy about Equilcurrency and his hopes for a more efficient and transparent, system-wide accounting platform.

Cooperativism is unlike any economic policy that anyone has ever heard before - it is not communism, it is not socialism - what it does is fill in the gaps that capitalism is missing... With cooperativism, participants in an economy must have equal access to the same information...  

Max Funk


Checking in with OccupyLA

Part 1: We spoke with John who volunteers in the media tent.

Part 2: The Unexpected Music of OccupyLA. First we heard from the music tent, where Jason Zimmerman was on the piano. Second we heard from a quartet of young violinists, Asia, Margueritte, Jacquelyn, and Sophia, who opened the General Assembly. 

    Photo Gallery from Occupy LA

For them I think it's a good way to bring this amazing tent city into perspective - for them to understand what it is in little bits kids can get.

Danette Christine

Listen to the interview:



The Venice Art Crawl With Mark Rojas

Mark Rojas is the winner of the Abott-Kinney Spirit Award and the co-founder of the Venice Art Crawl. The Venice Art Crawl is a non-profit organization by and for the people whose goal is to strengthen collaboration within the Venice community. Their events are every third Thursday of the month.

I really think the world is a fantastic place and if people just got together, whether it's over art or politics...

Brandon Barney

Listen to the interview:  



Live from Day 1 @ OccupyLA With Heidi Sulzdorf & Protesters

Heidi Sulzdorf helped organize and get OccupyLA off the ground. We spoke with her as well as protesters about the movement, why they're doing it, and what it means to them.

This [Occupy Movement] is a profoundly different look of things, different than anything we have ever seen before.

Heidi Sulzdorf

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to start a protest that was nation-wide - it would take a lot more time. What this [social media] allows, is it shortens the time-span.

Brittney Gallagher

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Code The Change You Wish To See With Code Hero

In conversation with Alex Peake, Founder and CEO at Primer Labs, who have developed Code Hero, a video game that teaches you how to make video games.

What we're fundamentally trying to do is to put the player in the mindset that they are a Code Hero - not that they're playing a game about being a Code Hero - but by playing this game they are doing things that coders have done since the very beginning of computers. The goal really is to prime people - inspire and prepare them to pursue it further... It's an epic calling. It's something you're being taught how to do, but most of all it makes you want to do it. 

Alex Peake

"Code Hero" Trailer:

Crossing The Programming Divide


The 4th Paradigm: Interpretation Of Big Data

Chris Kemp, Founder and CEO of Nebula, is working to solve the data storage problem so that, "any company can easily build out and automatically configure a flexible, massively scalable cloud computing infrastructure in minutes, not months."

Computers are generating more and more and more data and so increasingly the outputs of a super computer is an incredible amount of data that humans have to then take in and understand and visualize... there's a whole ecosystem of tools that allow us to take this massive amount of data and draw conclusions from it - that's the fourth paradigm. So we're really inspired by that and so what we're trying to do is build the infrastructure for a world where every industry data is driving everything.

Chris Kemp

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