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(Re)Build Our World With Nationbuilder

Nationbuilder is the first community organizing system - it's both a website and a people database that's fully integrated - to help leaders grow and organize their communities to acheive great things. It brings the tools that political leaders like Obama and Romney use to everyone. Whether you're a local candidate, a non-profit, or a radio show... it gives everyone the ability to organize around an idea.

We spoke with Jim Gilliam, the founder and CEO, of Nationbuilder. He also co-founded Robert Greenwald's, Brave New Films. His speech, "The Internet Is My Religion," at the Personal Democracy Forum has been viewed over 500,000 times and been called the best video on the internet. We spoke with Jim about why he created Nationbuilder, who will use it, venture capital funding, and how it has the power to change the world. 

A lot of conservatives talk about the free-market, what about the free-market for governance, and what does that look like? The potential to experiment with that online, with these online communities, where blood isn't shed. Where we can figure out these problems through code and then it will naturally spill out into the IRL... It's what gets me really excited about this, this is the problem to solve. How can nations form, how can people come together at scale across the entire world instantaneously?

Jim Gilliam



"The Internet Is My Religion"

Reader Comments (1)

Re:Today's gearhead segment on Digital Village KPFK show April 21,2012 about RED ONE digital video camera system hyped by some hyper disinformation dude being interviewed at NAB Vegas 2012.

I was dismayed by the enormous amount of hyper hype b.s. being spewed about the RED ONE digital video camera system. Stuff like all major motion pictures in Hollywood are being shot with the RED ONE. All TV commercials shot with the RED ONE, Peter Jackson, blah blah blah.

Yes there are many productions being shot with the RED ONE. However it is also true that the preferred digital video camera system by many high profile cinematographers, directors, producers and studios is the ARRI ALEXA digital camera system. The ALEXA is rapidly becoming the camera system of choice by Hollywood.

The TV series I am am editor on at Warner Bros Studios will be switching over to the ALEXA camera system after being the last holdout of Warner Bros TV series to be shot on actual movie film with Panavision 35mm cameras. We are going to be using the ALEXA not the RED ONE. Why? because the ALEXA is the superior digital video camera system right now.

Please offer a counter to the annoying sales pitch on today's show by the RED ONE dude. Please have your dynamic tekkie duo who does those special reports check out what I am saying aboout the ALEXA. I don't expect Digital Village to take my word for it.

Love the show. Keep up the generally great work.

Glenn Farr,
Editor, WB TV

April 21, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterglenn

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