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The Startup Owner's Manual: Your Guide To Starting An Economic Revolution

Whether you're a tech startup, wanting to start a non-profit, or an NSF scientist - Steve Blank's, The Startup Owner's Manual: The Step-By-Step Guide For Building A Great Company is your instruction manual. We talked to Steve about the book, it's "Hero's Journey," and The Secret History Of Silicon Valley. Steve is one of the most respected names in entrepreneurship his website includes a wealth of information as well, check it out at

The Startup Owner's Manual: A Step By Step Guide to Starting a Great Company, really is the handbook for economic revolutionaries… I don't mean that in burning down buildings…if you want to change the system the best way to do it is to go start one…anything from small businesses and non profits, social enterprises or something big and interesting [like Google or Facebook]… the one takeaway your listeners should leave with is that entrepreneurship is happening all over and they can be a part of it… it's not hard, you just need to have a vision and be passionate and figure out with the rules of the game are, and for the first time the rules are written down… come join the revolution.

Steve Blank
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