3D Printing: History, Open Source Bukobot & Innovative Education System Using 3D Printers In School

This week we start with a clip from Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman on the difference between knowing the name of something and actually knowing something. 3D Printing is not new, it has been around around since the 80s and  been given many names by many people. It's beginning to enter the consumer market because some of the patents for 3D printing techniques are now expiring and allowing for new entry into the market.

Pasadena based entrepreneur Diego Porqueras built an open-source 3D printer called Bukobot. We talk to him about the future of 3D printing in the consumer market and 3D printing on Mars. Diego will be talking at the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum entitled, Is 3D Printing Creating a New Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?, on May 11th.

We then speak to Lucien Vattel of GameDesk about how they are integrating 3D printing technology at the Playmaker School at New Roads.


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